What is Tarbiya


The word "Tarbiya" is an Arabic word that linguistically means the increase, growth, and loftiness. Conventionally, Tarbiya means the development and the training of people in various aspects. The word is commonly used to describe children upbringing as the parents provide them with physical, educational, moral and spiritual needs to help them grow up and become useful parties in the society.

Whenever you find the good Muslim, you find with him all means for great success.

- Imam Hassan Al-Banna

MAS aspires to raise a generation of committed and disciplined Muslims who will spread the message of Islam and implement the Movement's vision in all fields of Islamic work In MAS terminology, the word Tarbiya means the systematic development and training of members and potential members. It is a continuous and comprehensive process of developing all aspects of the Muslim character/personality, i.e., spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, and physical. The word Islamic Tarbiya implies that the development process conforms to Islamic guidelines and standards. This means that the goals that the process is supposed to achieve in individuals conform to Islamic teachings and the means used to establish such goals are Islamic or Islamic compliant means. The Tarbiya process exceeds the level of individuals to the level of the group trying to establish team sprit that Islam teaches such as love, brotherhood, and mutual trust.

Tarbiya is the cornerstone of MAS comprehensive reform methodology, and the Tarbiya department is one of the permanent departments in the organization. This approach traces its origin to the Qur’an and to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as he invested a lot of effort in Tarbiya for his companions. As a result of his effort, he not only left a great message, the message of Islam, but also left a great generation that carried the message and spread it all over the land and moved humanity from darkness to light. It is the quality of people that the Prophet nurtured that constitute the secret behind the miracle of Islam. Also, Islamic history proves the effectiveness and relevance of this methodology.


The Process

MAS delivers a rigorous educational curriculum to its current and potential members that focuses on the systematic development of the Muslim individual, the Muslim family and the Muslim community. The focus of Tarbiyah is to groom members who are distinguished, strive for excellence, have a sense of mission, self-motivated, conduct a balanced life, live in peace with themselves and their environment, be equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding, and skills to make a difference in the society by taking an active role, both individually and collectively in the reform process that seeks to make the betterment of our community, our country, and the whole world.

[dropcap3 color="darkkhaki" text_color="#666" style="text-shadow: 0px 0px 1px #666;"]T[/dropcap3]arbiyah aims to put members and potential members on the path of constant self-purification and self-development, and instill in them the passion for truth, righteousness, and justice/fairness.


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