MAS San Antonio

Please join us  on this remarkable opportunity to strengthen the Brotherhood and Sisterhood.  Texas MAS Chapters have organized this event for 8 years running, Alhamdulillah.  Families from across Texas and beyond have come and enjoyed a great weekend getaway full of sports, entertainment and much more.
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About Our Event

The MAS retreat is a family oriented, youth empowering and youth involving event. Our objective is to build relationships and bonds within our families as well as communities. The MAS Family Retreat caters to everyone in the family from mom and dad, to kiddos and grandparents.

Our Team Members

The MAS Family Retreat is an effort by all Texas MAS Chapters. The San Antonio chapter being the organizing party. Guest speakers from all around Texas and from surround MAS chapters join us to enlighten all attendees with beneficial workshops, open panel discussions, youth talks and camp fire bonding sessions discussing real life events and news. 

More Facts About Us

The Family Retreat empowers our youth to be the driving force behind all that we organize and prepare.This helps our youth maintain a sense of identity as growing up Muslims in the West and helping them stay active and involved while giving back to the community.  As we work together we bridge gaps and understand the western culture while maintaining our Islamic beliefs through the eyes of our youth. 

About the Retreat
The MAS Family Retreat gives attendees and organizers a time to understand and develop a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood while simultaneously recharging one's Iman and spirituality. It is held at the Horseshoe Bay Resort in the Hill Country North of Austin. Make sure you come out and enjoy the beautiful scenic views, smiling faces and wholesome family fun!

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